Our Story

Range Respite was founded in 1989 by parent caregivers of children with complex disabling conditions. At that time, support services for family caregivers were nonexistent. Realizing that taking an occasional break from providing continual caregiving would be beneficial, Range Respite was born!

In 2000, Range Respite moved into its permanent home, The Respite House. To answer the needs of the community, the City of Virginia donated the land on which the Respite House is placed. The Respite House was donated, as well, by a mining company as it expanded its operations. Countless volunteer hours went into remodeling. The Respite House is fully handicapped accessible and serves as a resource center for family caregivers at any stage of their caregiving journey.

Range Respite remains as the only organization in our region to assist and support family caregivers exclusively. Our programs are designed to help family caregivers reduce their stress, improve their coping abilities and confidence; and extend the length of time they can continue providing care at home, all while preserving their own health and well-being.

A Tribute

We honor of the many volunteers whose work and dedication made the Respite House possible.  We  also honor the memory of two unforgettable children whose lives served as inspiration to transform a dream into a reality.

  • Joel Carter

    Joel R. Carter

    February 11, 1980 – November 22, 1991

  • Valerie Abramson

    Valerie L. Abramson

    February 2, 1976 – February 16, 1995