Caregiving Resources

In Brett H. Lewis’ book, Family Caregiving, he reflects that “a family caregiver stays when the rest of the world walks out.”

An increasing number of people are finding themselves in the role of family caregiver. In fact, over 66 million Americans are providing care to those who are ill, aged, or disabled. Many do so while still raising a family of their own and working full time. As the population continues to age the number of caregivers will skyrocket.

Caregiver Stress Syndrome is now recognized by the medical community as an area of real concern. Stress can be triggered by any number of issues: the physical act of caregiving, grief over the decline in health of the loved one, financial constraints, emotional effects, and social isolation. Caregivers often report feeling exhausted, angry, depressed, or guilty and oftentimes are so immersed in their role of caregiver they neglect their own health needs.

Research shows that caregivers fare better when they have active coping skills such as respite care, training and education, and caregiver counseling. Family caregivers who utilize support services, like all of those we offer here at Range Respite, are typically able to keep their loved ones at home longer and experience a more positive experience as a caregiver with less stress and better health.

Helpful Links for Caregivers

On-line Support Communities

Please note, some groups require registration to participate. Range Respite does not monitor these sites for content. This is a small sampling of the on-line caregiver community.

Caregiver Connection

A quarterly publication by Range Respite for Caregivers