Meets Standards Color JPEGBuilding agency strength and demonstrating the impact on the community is the mantra of the Charities Review Council.  Every three years, Range Respite submits an application for approval from the Council’s Accountability Standards Review Process. Range Respite was approved in 2014 as “meets standards.”

The Accountability Standards are co-created benchmarks of nonprofit governance, finance, fundraising, and public communication. The Standards blend successful practices, public expectations, and legal/regulatory requirements, the standards represent the shared expectations between donors and nonprofits.

The Accountability Standards serve as a framework for building trusting, productive relationships among nonprofits, donors, and the general public. The Standards help create a culture of philanthropy where nonprofits and donors  partners work  together for stronger communities.

In addition, the Accountability Standards are a way for donors to assess the internal strength of the agency they care about. The Standards are a starting place for engagement and conversation with their favorite organizations. When donors are confident in their support of strong, trustworthy nonprofits, they are able to partner in authentic ways that advance the greater good.

To obtain a copy of Range Respite’s Form 990 or  its Annual Compilation, please contact Nancy Dougherty, Executive Director at (218) 749-5051 OR To view our Annual Report, please click on the following link: Annual Report FY 2014 PDF 

For more information on the Charities Review Council, please log onto: