Our Programs and Services

Respite Care

Respite Care is a temporary break for family caregivers that enables them time to step away from the role of caregiver and tend to their own health, run errands, attend church, make appointments, attend a support group, or have lunch with a friend. The type of respite care required is entirely dependent on the needs of the person receiving care. This varies from a companion situation with no hands on care needed to complex medical procedures. As a result, the person needed to supply respite care might be a volunteer, personal care assistant, home health aide, LPN or RN. Range Respite offers consulting services to help the caregiver through the process of selecting and arranging for respite care. We also have a scholarship program to assist qualifying families with the financial burden.  More Info »

Caregiver Training and Education

Range Respite provides education to family caregivers in two ways: individually or in a group setting. Education is provided by a registered nurse who presents materials that are specifically selected for each caregiver’s situation. Topics include, but are not limited to, treatment regimens, disease management, direct care skills, equipment, safety, and the role of a caregiver (stress management, family dynamics and communicating with others). Training and Education is provided in person at the caregiver’s home or at the Respite House, by telephone, by mail, or by e-mail. More Info »

Caregiver Counseling Services

The Caregiver Counseling Program is the first step for many families in need of coaching and counseling. Our trained Caregiver Consultants provide detailed assessments, person-centered goal planning, problem solving, and follow up on established goals. In addition, they provide self-care skills, techniques for managing difficult behaviors, building an informal support network, family dynamics, and family meetings. Information is provided in person, at the caregiver’s home or at the Respite House; or by telephone, by mail, or by e-mail. There are monthly caregiver support groups in Hibbing, Chisholm, Virginia and Aurora. More Info »