Additional Services

Lending Library

Recognizing that all people learn differently, our lending library includes books, DVDs, and CDs which can be used at The Respite House or checked out for use at home. Our staff can also direct you to a number of online resources to help with your specific needs.


Upon enrollment into our Caregiver Counseling program, family caregivers are welcomed with a beautiful quilt, hand crafted by volunteer quilting circles at various area churches. The quilt symbolizes our appreciation for all the caregiver does as it warms the heart and soul!

Good Grief Bereavement Program

The stress of caregiving does not end upon the death of a loved one. When caregiving consumes the caregivers’ life it eventually erodes their identity. When a loved one is no longer in their care the caregivers’ daily habits and routine are severely disrupted, forcing the caregivers’ to reestablish their needs and identity. Not only do the caregivers’ grieve for the loss of their loved one but they must also grieve for the loss of their caregiving identity and for the loss of their personal identity. Range Respite provides printed materials to family caregivers through the first year of their grieving process. In addition we encourage family caregivers to attend our support groups where they can associate with other family caregivers who have lost a loved one.

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