MEMORY CLUB  is a program for people in the early stages of memory loss and their care partners. It is designed to provide a safe environment to learn more about the disease, to be able to share experiences and ask questions, and an opportunity to develop friendships and talk with others about the experience of memory loss. The program was developed through the Alzheimer’s Association.

Here are some FAQs about Memory Club…

WHAT HAPPENS THERE? The first half of each session is devoted to topics that address the entire group. The second half is spent in private peer groups: one for the people with memory issues and one for their care partners.

WHAT KIND OF COMMITMENT ARE WE MAKING? One 2 hour session per week for 10 weeks.

WHEN DOES IT START? We do not have firm start dates, but schedule memory clubs to begin as soon as we have enough participants. Memory Clubs work best with 4-10 partners in attendance.

HOW WILL THIS HELP US? People diagnosed with dementia and their partners have both common and unique questions and needs. This program includes perspective from both parties. The end goal is an education about and understanding of   dementia. Some of the topics covered include: understanding the diagnosis, legal and financial considerations, increasing dependence vs. the need for independence, effects on family, and exploring feelings of loss and sadness.

Many past participants of Memory Clubs create a bond, and have chosen to remain in contact and continue to meet as a group long after the program has ended.

You don’t need face this diagnosis and journey through memory loss alone! Join others going through the same experience to learn and grow together.

Call the Range Respite office to learn more, 218-749-5051 or 877-507-7324.