What is Respite?

Respite is a short-term, temporary break for family caregivers which enables them to take time away from the stress of constant care for their loved one. Experts say that family caregivers need to give themselves at least four hours of respite per week for a time of self care.

Time away may be used for any purpose: necessities of daily living, such as grocery shopping; socialization by spending time with friends or family outside the home environment; emotional support through attending a support group or church service; self care, such as a doctor’s appointment, or something as basic as having the opportunity to take a relaxing shower.

The type of respite care required is entirely dependent on the needs of the person receiving care and ranges from a companion situation with no hands on care needed to complex medical procedures. As a result, the person needed to supply respite care might be a volunteer, personal care assistant, home health aide, LPN or RN.

Leaving the loved one can be stressful. Range Respite can help families determine their individual needs and comfort level.

Volunteer Respite Help

Volunteer respite can be utilized when there is no hands-on or nursing care required. Range Respite’s volunteers are available on a limited basis. Please contact one of our Caregiver Consultants to find out more or to schedule a respite volunteer in your home.

In-Home Paid Respite

Range Respite does not provide paid respite care. There are many factors to consider when it comes time to hire a respite provider. Our Caregiver Consultant can help you decide the correct level of care needed according to your unique situation and help guide you through the sometimes overwhelming process of finding the best fit for your family.

Summer Camp for Respite Scholarships

Scholarships are available for children who have special needs, allowing parents several days of respite while their child attends an area summer camp. The family is responsible for making all camp arrangements, including camp selection, enrollment, physical exams, and transportation. Applications are available in the spring of each year.

For more information on our Respite Care Services, please contact Linda Kolocek, Program Manager/Caregiver Consultant, or Harry Grinage, Caregiver Consultant at 218-749-5051 or toll-free at 877-507-7324